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Offshore-konferanser 2021/2022

Quality Norway arrangerer flere store offshore konferanser om året på vegne av KranTeknisk Forening og Norsk Forening for Vedlikehold.

På våre konferanser møter du anerkjente og faglig sterke forelesere. I tillegg er det også en god møteplass for nettverksbygging og økt kompetanse.

Våre konferanser gjennomføres både digitalt og fysisk. Ved fysisk tilstedeværelse, har vi på enkelte konferanser direktestrømming (live streaming), slik at man kan være med enten fysisk eller digitalt.

Kran løft ankerhåndtering

Ankerhåndteringskonferansen 2021

- ankerhåndtering og forflytning av innretninger

9. og 10. november 2021 på Clarion Hotel Stavanger med live streaming.


I samarbeid med KranTeknisk Forening vil vi på Ankerhåndteringskonferasen 2021 sette fokus på hvordan sikkerhet og effektivitet ved ankerhåndtering og forflytning av innretninger kan bedres.

vedlikehold industri Offshore vedlikehold rigg nordsjøen

Strategic Inspection Management 2021

Inspection and Strategic Inspection management has been a focus area in the oil & gas industry for decades.

2021 November 16th and 17th, Clarion Hotel Air, Sola, Stavanger, Norway, with live streaming.


In the future sustainability will be a main target and the industry will move into new technology areas focusing on “green technology”.  In this respect, learning from the past and adapt or develop new technologies are important.  This conference is focusing on inspection and inspection management as an important and strategic element in maintaining an acceptable safety level and to secure reliable and economical production.

This year conferance will focus on:

  • Corrosion Under Isulation (CUI)
  • Inspection and inspection techniques
  • Digitalization and Corrosion Management

Effective and right inspection requires knowledge about methodology and equipment in addition to implementation of effective working processes. Training and competence in all levels of the organization are the two main elements to secure quality in planning, execution and evaluation of findings from an inspection

Kran løft subsea lifting

Subsea Lifting Operations Conference 2021

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT) continues its success with its annual meeting forum for people working with subsea lifting operations.

2021 December 7th and 8th, Clarion Hotel Air, Sola, Stavanger, Norway, with live streaming.


The aim of the conference is to improve the understanding of operational issues and to connect design specialists, people responsible for selection of concepts and the installation contractors.

Knowledge ensures a good economy!
The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT) is often informed that subsea lifting operations have exceeded the cost budget by several million NOKs due to lack of knowledge within relevant disciplines. Often the costs are exceeded because the operation duration is longer than planned. The conference will therefore focus on the various phases of a subsea installation operation

The focus of the conference will be to present and exchange knowledge about criticals topics of marine operations involving subsea lifts.

The 25th International Offshore Crane and Lifting Conference 2022

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology are very excited to celebrate the next International Offshore Cranes & Lifting Conference, taking place in Aberdeen April 2022.

2022 April 26th, 27th and 28th, P&J Live, Aberdeen, Scotland.


In a global perspective the most important meeting place for the offshore lifting and material handling industry. This is an excellent opportunity to exhibit and promote your products, services and technology and build important network.

For more information see the website: