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The International Offshore Crane and Lifting Conference

In a global perspective the most important meeting place for the offshore lifting and material handling industry. This is an excellent opportunity to exhibit and promote your products, services and technology and important network building.

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT) continues its success for people working with offshore lifting and material handling industry.

The Conference is held once a year and is a 3-days conference. See an overview of all conferences within crane and lifting HERE.

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The conference alternates between the “oil capitals” of Norway and Scotland – Stavanger and Aberdeen – these are the most important places of business for the North Sea oil and gas industry and home for regulators, major duty holders, oil and gas contractors, service companies etc.

During the conference, the participants will have the opportunity to meet and share their experiences with North Sea offshore petroleum regulators, experts and industry leaders from the offshore crane and lifting operations community.

The conference has the goal to cover a wide range of new topics in offshore cranes and lifting technology, subsea and heavy lifting, crane standardisation and regulatory and industry safety initiatives. Participants will have ample opportunity to enter into discussions with the speakers and sufficient time to interact with companies presenting their goods and services in the exhibition area.

Why you should be attending the conference

You’ll get the latest up-to-date information in the offshore crane and lifting business industry, as well as answers to all of your crane and lifting questions. Additionally, globally renowned crane business leaders, end-users, consultants, petroleum regulators and vendors will all be under one roof, solely for the purposes of learning, exchanging information, networking, seeing and trying new technology and developing long lasting international business relationships in order to contribute to enhancing safety and improving business.

Why is this conference so exceedingly different?

This is the only conference with focus exclusively on the offshore crane & lifting business in the North Sea and beyond. The conference is not a series of sales orientated pitches, but a dynamic gathering of likeminded people involved in the offshore lifting industry. Our unique blend of presentations, case studies and exhibitions provide you with a unique opportunity to walk away from the summit with all the information you need to get the most out of your daily lifting operational tasks. This conference gives the lifting community the platform it truly deserves, as it provides many hours of dedicated networking time for you to talk openly with your peers, suppliers and customers, and the opportunity to conduct business face-to-face.

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Target audience

  • Experts and Industry leaders from the Offshore Crane Lifting Operations Community
  • Material handling Industry
  • North Sea Offshore Petroleum Regulators

Norwegian Society Of Lifting Technology

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT) is often informed that subsea lifting operations have exceeded the cost budget by several million NOKs due to lack of knowledge within relevant disciplines. Often the costs are exceeded because the operation duration is longer than planned. The conference will therefore focus on the various phases of a subsea installation operation and will be to present and exchange knowledge about criticals topics of marine operations involving subsea lifts.
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