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  • 16.11.2021–17.11.2021
  • Clarion Hotel Air, Sola m/ live streaming
  • Vedlikehold industri

Strategic Inspection Management 2021

Inspection and inspection management has been a focus area in the oil & gas industry for decades. In the future sustainability will be a main target and the industry will move into new technology areas focusing on “green technology”.  In this respect, learning from the past and adapt or develop new technologies are important.  This conference is focusing on inspection and inspection management as an important and strategic element in maintaining an acceptable safety level and to secure reliable and economical production.

  • 16.11.2021–17.11.2021
  • Clarion Hotel Air, Sola m/ live streaming
  • From NOK 7900,-

Target audience

This conference is relevant for personnel working with topics related to inspection and maintenance of production- and storage systems, marine, energy and the transport sector


This year conferance will focus on:

  • Corrosion Under Isulation (CUI)
  • Inspection and inspection techniques
  • Digitalization and Corrosion Management

Effective and right inspection requires knowledge about methodology and equipment in addition to implementation of effective working processes. Training and competence in all levels of the organization are the two main elements to secure quality in planning, execution and evaluation of findings from an inspection.

The objectives for the seminar are:

  • Be a forum for exchange of experience and knowledge
  • Show the importance of inspection as a integrated part of the total operation and maintenance activities
  • Update to the industry about new  standards,methods and equipment introduced into the marked

Strategic Inspection Management is the preferred meeting place to establish and maintain an industrial network for further develop and improve all inspection related activities in the industry.


Jim Stian Olsen

CTO, Aker Carbon Capture

Jim Stian Olsen is Chief Technology Officer in Aker Carbon Capture ASA. He is an experienced research and innovation professional with a demonstrated history of operating in the intersection of industry, business, and scientific research. Olsen is a mechanical engineer and holds a PhD and MSc in mechanical engineering from NTNU.


Frode Wiggen

Sr. Principle Engineer, DNV


Andres Rivero

Leading Advisor Materials Tech. – Inspection, Equinor ASA


Dr Prafull Sharma

Chief Technology Officer, CorrossionRADAR

Dr Prafull Sharma currently serves as Chief Technology Officer of UK based CorrosionRADAR Ltd which is bringing innovative corrosion monitoring and predictive analytics technologies using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). He has over fifteen years experience in industrial technology development specially for asset integrity and automation in the Oil & Gas industry. He is also credited with over fifteen international patents and innovations.



Sigve Aabø

Vice President Business Development Oil & Gas, Kaefer Energy AS


Helen Peramatzis

MEng DPhil CEng MIET, Principal Consultant, ESR Technology Ltd

Dr Helen Peramatzis is a chartered engineer working as a Principal Consultant for ESR Technology. Helen joined ESR in 2008 with a background in experimental characterisation and finite element modelling of material behaviour. Helen now works principally on asset integrity and inspection projects for the energy sector. She is the Programme Manager for HOIS – a global, joint industry project with partners including energy asset owner/operators, non-destructive testing companies, NDT equipment vendors and the UK Regulator (HSE). HOIS strives to improve the effectiveness of in-service inspection for the energy industry with a technical programme aligned with industry priorities.


Susan Osbeck

Principal Consultant, ESR Technology Ltd

Dr Susan Osbeck is a Principal Consultant at ESR Technology. She has been supporting clients with Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) in the Energy Industry since 2011 and was co-author of the updated HOIS Recommended Practice for NII (HOIS-R-103) and the HOIS Guidance notes for NII (HOIS-G-103). Currently she is involved in the development of NIIMax, an NII software solution provided by ESR Technology and Quasset, and is also developing the HOIS recommended practice for remote intrusive inspection and the HOIS guidance for mini-digital twins in inspection.


Renate Grindheim

Acoustic Researcher, TSC Subsea

I am an acoustic scientist who got my bachelors and masters degree in physics at the University of Bergen where I did my thesis on Ultasonic measurement systems in gas. Today I work with operations support and perform acoustic studies on projects at TSC Subsea in Eidsvåg outside Bergen city centre. The workdays are diverse and filled with exciting challenges varying from practical work such as accompanying as an inspector on our first offshore trip on Norwegian sector to inspect flexible risers in 2020 to the more theoretical side in the development of the technology for inspections of grouted connections in offshore installations.


Håkon Hallem

• VP Offshore Wind, • FORCE Technology Norway

Håkon Hallem is VP Offshore Wind in FORCE Technology Norway. He has experience within integrity management and inspection from both Oil & Gas and Offshore wind.



Svein Ivar Sagatun MBA, Senior researcher, Heads of Robotics and Drone TDI, Equinor


Erik Stensrud

Senior Principal Researcher, DNV

Dr. Stensrud works in DNV’s strategic research department and currently manages an R&D project, funded by NFR, on the use of autonomous drones for inspection cargo and ballast tanks.  He also conducts research on AI and machine learning in safety critical applications, primarily autonomous ships. He holds a PhD in computer science from UiO, an MSc in physics from NTNU, and an MSc in petroleum economics from the French Petroleum Institute.


Arild Bjørkås

Integrity Manger, Aker BP


Kristian Eriksen

Material & Corrosion Engineer, Aker BP


Grethe Selboe

Head of Inspection & Materials Technology , MainTech AS


David Mbala

Senior Engineer, MainTech AS


Ronny Øye

Senior Director Product Management, Aize


Kjell Eriksson

Vice President - Digital Partnering, DNV


Thom Fosselie

Chief Engineer, Petroleumstilsynet


Sindre Hove Bjørnøy

Senior Engineer Materials Technology, Equinor ASA

Sindre Hove Bjørnøy is an inspection/materials engineer in Equinor. With a master’s degree in nanotechnology and a PhD in biophysics he joined Equinor in 2017 as an inspection engineer at Melkøya. Interest and experience in data analysis is his motivation for trying to improve the way inspection data is reported and utilized.


Neil Addison

Subsea Manager – Operations, Aker BP

Date and time

  • Day 1: 16.11.2021 09:0017:30
  • Day 2: 17.11.2021 09:0015:30


Day 1 – Tuesday November 16th

08.30 Registration / Coffee

09.00 Opening

09.15 Carbon Capture in the Energy Transition
Jim Stian Olsen, Chief Technology Officer, Aker Carbon Capture


09.45 DNVGL-RP-G109 Risk Based Management of CUI
– Methodology
– Experiences
– Cases
Frode Wiggen, Sr. Principle Engineer, DNV

10.15 Water monitoring, technology and strategy, for better CUI management
– CUI Challenges
– Technology for Water Monitoring
– Strategy for better CUI Management
Andres Rivero, Leading Advisor Materials Tech. – Inspection, Equinor ASA

10.45 Coffee Break

11.00 Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) risk analytics using online monitoring and IIOT
– CUI is a problem that need to be looked at differently with a system approach
– Online monitoring of CUI risk has emerged as a tool to avoid over-inspection or under-inspection for CUI
– Case study behind monitoring and online risk analytics enabled by CorrosionRADAR monitoring system
Dr Prafull Sharma, Chief Technology Officer, CorrosionRADAR

11.30 How to effectively install high numbers of sensors by means of robots
Sigve Aabø, Vice President Business Development Oil & Gas, Kaefer Energy AS

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Inspection methods for CUI
– HOIS work
– NDT methods for CUI: Indirect, Direct
– HOIS CUI projects: Trials, Guidance, Modelling activities
Helen Peramatzis, MEng DPhil CEng MIET, Principal Consultant, ESR Technology Ltd

13.45 Discussion about CUI

Inspection and inspection techniques

14.15 Non-Intrusive Inspection – A Digital Approach
– HOIS RP 103 – Recommended Practice for NII
– HOIS G 103 – HOIS/OGTC guidance notes for HOIS RP 103
– NIIMax Software, Digital Solution
Dr Susan Osbeck, Principal Consultant , ESR Technology Ltd

15.00 Coffee Break

 15.15 NII (Non Intrusive Inspection)

15.45 Acoustic resonance technology (ART) corrosion measurements through various subsea coatings
– Using ART on verification of grouted pile sleeves on subsea structures
– Using ART for annulus medium characterization on flexible risers
– Using ART for FMD measurements
Renate Grindheim. Acoustic Researcher, TSC Subsea

16.15 Structural integrity and inspection of offshore wind assets
– How to inspect and repair typical defects on wind turbine blades, from fabrication to operation
– Structural monitoring and integrity assessment of wind towers and foundations
– Subsea inspection and assessment of foundations, typical inspections
Håkon Hallem, Vice President Offshore Wind, FORCE Technology Norway

16.45 Blade inspection, Condition Monitoring and repair
Representative from Mistras Group

17.15 End of Day 1

19.00 Conference Dinner

Day 2 – Wednesday November 17th

Digitalization and Corrosion Management

09.00 Use of UAVs for inspection of confined spaces without human entrance
– Tethered drone used for visual inspections
– 3D localization and mapping using SLAM with 3D LiDAR sensor
– Collision avoidance software
– Access to cloud services where inspection data is stored
– Auto generation of inspection report
Svein Ivar Sagatun MBA, Senior researcher, Head of Robotics Drone TDI, Equinor ASA   

09.30 Inspecting confined spaces with intelligent drones
– Drone navigation capabilities
– Crack detection and tracking in videos
– Hyperspectral imaging
Erik Stensrud, Senior Principal Researcher, DNV

10.00 AIM End to end solution for integrity management
Arild Bjørkås, Integrity Manger og Kristian Eriksen, Material & Corrosion Engineer, Aker BP

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Integrity Management for Sonangol Angola
– How to build an integrity management system when: Technical documentation is deficient and absent, Limited access to history, Governing documentation disorganized, Many nationalities that interact, Challenging infrastructure
– 3 years of experience working with Angola
Grethe Selboe, Head of Inspection & Materials Technology and David Mbala, Senior Engineer, MainTech

11.30 Digital twins and Integrity Management
– Digital twin data requirements to enable quantification of condition
– Use cases for digital twin and 3D visualization of integrity data
Ronny Øye, Senior Director Product Management, Aize

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Turning digital twins into real assets – lessons learned from implementing a structured approach to quality assurance
– Huge potential – but hard to get it right
– Four key questions you need to ask
– Lessons learned from ongoing projects
Kjell Eriksson, Vice President – Digital Partnering, DNV

13.30 Technology Development & RBI Dynamics
Thom Fosselie, Petroleumstilsynet

14.00 Coffee Break

14.15 Digital corrosion management
– Data driven approach to: Corrosion management, inspection and surface maintenance
Sindre Hove Bjørnøy, Senior Engineer Materials Technology, Equinor ASA

14.45 SIGMA – Using a digital risk model to optimize corrosion management
Neil Addison, Subsea Manager – Operations, Aker BP

15.15 Summery and the end

Conferene Committee:

  • Mr. Andres Rivero, Equinor
  • Mr. Roy Johnsen, NTNU
  • Mr. Frode Wiggen, DNV
  • Mr. Stein Valen, Maintech
  • Mr. Thom Fosselie, Petroleumstilsynet
  • Mr. Stian Strømstad
  • Mr. Stene Kristiansen, Quality Norway

» Some important takeaways, good discussions and valuable networking made the trip worth while»

» the quality of the papers / presentations»

» Great presentations. Highly competent people and disussions. Great venue, location, sound and food»


Conference w/livestreaming

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