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Subsea Lifting Operations Conference 2022

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT) continues its success with its annual meeting forum for people working with subsea lifting operations!
The aim of the conference is to improve the understanding of operational issues and to connect design specialists, people responsible for selection of concepts and the installation contractors.

Main topics:

  • Technology and research
  • Offshore wind – Foundation Installations
  • Decommissioning and reuse
  • Project experience
  • Future projects

How to register for the conference: Registration on qualitynorway-subsea-lifting-operations

  • 06.12.2022–07.12.2022
  • 2 DAYS
  • Clarion Hotel Air, Sola, Stavanger, Norway
  • Kran og løft
  • 06.12.2022–07.12.2022
  • 2 DAYS
  • Clarion Hotel Air, Sola, Stavanger, Norway

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Target audience

  • Engineers in companies engaged in design/operation of subsea structures and marine contractor companies
  • Personnel in subsea engineering companies and other companies performing design of subsea structures and other equipment and tools used in an operation
  • Competent persons for offshore cranes and lifting appliances
  • Suppliers of specialised tools and equipment for subsea lifting operations
  • Authorities and others formulating recommendations or evaluation criteria and undertakes control functions
  • Warranty surveyors
  • Operational responsible personnel in oil companies

Knowledge ensures a good economy!

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT) is often informed that subsea lifting operations have exceeded the cost budget by several million NOKs due to lack of knowledge within relevant disciplines. Often the costs are exceeded because the operation duration is longer than planned. The conference will therefore focus on the various phases of a subsea installation operation and will be to present and exchange knowledge about criticals topics of marine operations involving subsea lifts.
Read more about The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology.



Vegard Vollsæter

Divisional Director - Newbuilding, Offshore & Renewables, Clarksons Norway AS

  • MSc from NTNU – Marine Engineering
  • 5 years experience with newbuilds and conversions from PGS
  • 8 years experience with newbuild brokerage in offshore and renewables from Clarksons

Kristian Helland

Product Manager, Cranemaster

Kristian Helland has a PhD in chemistry and data analytics, but has converted to heavy lifting, and has been with Cranemaster as Product Manager for 10 years. He has been involved in discussing reduced risk and improved operability in lifting operations around the world. These include Oil&Gas installations, Decomissioning and renewable energy focusing on Offshore Wind projects.


Lars T. Kyllingstad

Senior research scientist, SINTEF Ocean, Trondheim

Lars is a senior research scientist at SINTEF Ocean. His field of research is marine systems and operations, in particular methods and technology for modelling, simulation, and data handling, and their applications to system design and decision support.


Stefan Bøyum Schlömilch

Partner, Discipline Lead Marine Operations Hydrodynamic Engineering Specialist, M.Sc., Entail

Stefan holds a masters degree in Hydrodynamics from NTNU in 2008. He spent the first 7 years of his career in EMAS AMC focusing on analysis of cable installation and lifting operations. Stefan then began working with Digital Twins in SAP in 2015, where he worked as a business development engineer focusing on digitalization of engineering. In his current position at Entail he focuses his efforts on increasing the cooperation between analytical and operational aspects of marine operations, by delivering quick and understandable analysis results.


Harald Egeli

Installation and Marine Operation Leader, Equinor

Harald Egeli has more than 20 years of experience from the Oil and Gas Industry. He joined Statoil, now Equinor, in 2003. He has worked within project development holding a number of roles as Pipeline Engineering Manager, Leading Advisor Pipeline Construction and Pipeline and Marine Manager. Harald is currently engaged as Pipeline Installation and Marine Operation Lead in Wisting SURF.


Bjørn Midttun

Manager Subsea and Pipelines, Equinor

Bjørn Midttun has more than 30 years of experience from the Oil and Gas Industry. He joined Statoil, now Equinor, in 1996. Bjørn works within the Project Development area holding a number of roles as Project Manager, Portfolio Manager and Subsea Facilities Manager. He is currently engaged as Project Manager for Wisting SURF, Power from shore cable and the Wisting-Castberg Gas Pipe system to Snøhvit.


Asle Natskår

MSc in structural engineering, PhD in marine technology, DNV Marine Operations

Asle Natskår has five years of experience from Dr.techn. Olav Olsen AS and five years from Umoe/ABB oil and gas before starting in DNV in 2002. Asle performs structural/marine verification and advisory, he works as a marine warranty surveyor and for the DNV Emergency Response Service, ERS™.


Sveinung Soma

CEO, Remota

Sveinung is an expert in Marine Technology from NTNU. He has 20 years experience from DeepOcean within engineering, project management and management positions. Sveinung is a strong believer in the development and application of technology to improve sustainability in the ocean space.


Tau Nielsen

Principal Engineer, Havfram AS

Tau has been working in offshore construction for 18 years, most recently in the installation discipline at Havfram (previously Ocean Installer). He has been responsible for developing and verifying methods for executing a variety of operations including heavy and challenging lifts, as well as other subsea, umbilical, riser and flowline activities.


Øyvind Hagen

Project Director, Aker Solutions

Øyvind is a Norwegian Citizen with an engineering degree in Civil and Offshore Technology. He has 40+ years experience in the offshore oil and gas industry within engineering, marine operations and project management. Work locations mainly Norway and Canada.


Ida Vikaskag Salvesen

Installation Engineer, TechnipFMC

Ida Vikaskag Salvesen has a masters degree in Subsea Technology from NTNU in 2019. She is working at TechnipFMC in the installation discipline, responsible for the procedure work and execution of offshore operation. She has been part of projects such as Duva & P1, Breidablikk and Johan Sverdrup Phase 2, with a range of installations along with 12off ITS and other challenging lifts.

Date and time

  • Day 1: 06.12.2022 09:0017:00
  • Day 2: 07.12.2022 09:0016:00


Tuesday 6th December

08.30 Registration / Coffee

Chairmen: Mr. Ole J. Nordahl, Equinor and Mrs. Guro Løken, Windstaller Alliance

09.15 Opening


09.30 The different phases of a subsea lift from an offshore construction vessel and experience from offshore construction vessel deck handling and rigging
Martin Ahlbäck, TechnipFMC


10.15 Lifting App – Full automation of Orcaflex lifting analysis

  • From input to complete report without manual interaction
  • Simultaneous calculation of Simplified Method and Orcaflex Time Domain analysis
  • Reducing the delivery time of lifting analyses from weeks or months to mere hours by parameterization, automation and cloud computing
  • Review of capabilities and limitations, as well as a look towards the future of analysis automation

Stefan Bøyum Schlömilch, Entail

10.45 Coffee Break

11.15 A framework for decision support systems
Lars Tandle Kyllingstad, Senior research scientist, Sintef Ocean and the SFI-TEAM

11.45 Reliability of weather forecasts – JIP summary

  • The traditional Alpha factor approach
  • The new approach; response based methods

Asle Natskår, DNV

12.15 Remote operations – from onboard or onshore?

  • Why change the way we work? What’s remote from shore got to do with anything?
  • Remote from shore: Hype or reality? Show me the evidence and benefits!
  • With innovation, opportunities and challenges go hand in hand

Sveinung Soma, CEO, Remota AS

12.45 Lunch


13.45 Market and technology for floating offshore wind

  • Key differences FOW and O&G across lifecycle
  • Case example: Utilizing O&G technology concepts for floating offshore substations

Frida Mattson, Consultant, Renewable Projects, DNV

14.15 Offshore Wind – Bottom fixed foundation installation

  • Offshore Wind Market
  • Foundation Installation Supply/Demand
  • Required capacities

Vegard Vollsæter, Divisional Director – Newbuilding, Offshore & Renewables, Clarksons Norway AS

14.45 Coffee Break

15.15 Odfjell Oceanwind & the Deepsea SemiTM

  • Background
  • Current status and plans

Elin Crombie, Chief Operating Officer, Odfjell Oceanwind AS

15.45 Hywind Tampen FWT mooring and hookup

  • Design of mooring system, including ILT (In Line Tensioner)
  • Installation of suction piles and prelay of mooring system
  • Tow and installation

Hallgeir Holthe, Marine Operation Manager, Akers Solutions and Fredrik Van der Fahr, DOF


16.15 Lifting operations related to installing and maintaining offshore wind turbines
Petter Vabø, CTO & Technical Director / Tor-Bjørn Næss, Windspider

16.45 End of Day 1

19.00 Conference Dinner

Wedensday 7th December

Chairmen: Mr. Martin Ahlbäck, TechnipFMC and Mrs. Rikke Tittel, Wintershall


09.00 Central North Sea Decommissioning Project – Lifting Operations

  •  Recovery of Piled Structures
  • Extraction of Suction Anchors
  • Recovery of Gravity Base Structures

Fredrik Mathiesen, Project Manager, DeepOcean

09.30 Deep Panuke Removal, Canada

  • Jack-up platform removal
  • Use of barge buoyancy
  • Cost effective method

Øyvind Hagen, Project Director, Aker Solutions

10.00 Coffee Break


10.30 Breidablikk ITS Installation – Experience gained from the deployment, piling, levelling and swaging
Ida Vikaskag Salvesen, Installation Engineer at TechnipFMC

11.00 Cranemaster Passive Heave Compensator, 550 ton mudmats and limited rigging height

  • Experiences from installation project offshore Western Australia

Kristian Helland, Product Manager, Cranemaster

11.45 Lunch

12.45 Balder Future MWA’s installation
Tau Nielsen, SURF Installation Lead, Havfram


13.15 Experience from subsea scale squeeze operations from “Light-IMR vessel”
Andreas Winnem/OKEA

13.45 Coffebreak

14.15 AkerBP NOAKA field marine operations

  • Presentation will focus on planned Marine operations for the NOAKA field development including Templates, Bundles and Spools

Davor Bartulovic, Subsea7

15.00 Closing / Adjourn


Please note that the programme is subject to change and will be updated continuously until the conference begins.


Conferene Committee:
Mr. Ole J. Nordahl, Equinor
Mrs. Rikke Tittel, Wintershall
Mr. Martin Ahlbäck, TechnipFMC
Mrs. Guro Løken, Kværner
Mr. Thore Grønvik, Subsea 7
Mr. Tormod Bøe, DNV
Mr. Hans Petter Hildre, NTNU
Mr. Stene Kristiansen, The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT)

«A great event that I would recommend to colleagues»

«Round tables are a great idea, encourages mingling»

«Very nice conference! Would like to come back next year.»

«As a first time attendee, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and the mixture of topics covered.  It was also very good to speak with colleagues from other companies as well as from various suppliers. «



To be booked by the individual participant.

We have reserved a number of rooms at Clarion Hotel Air Stavanger. Single rooms (bed and breakfast) are NOK 1395 per night.  The hotel rooms can be booked by phone +4751718500, please specify code GR007637 when booking. The rooms are held until 08.11.22.

Mini exhibition

We will arrange space for a mini exhibition in direct connection to the conference. Here, companies that serve actors in the subsea lifting area will be allowed to display their products and services. The fee for one exhibition booth (5 sq. m.) is NOK 7.500,- (excl. VAT). You must be registered as a participant at the conference to be an exhibitor. The mini exhibition will be in the area outside the conference room, with a limitation of totally 10 exhibitors.

Registration via the Book now button If you have any questions, please contact kundeservice@qualitynorway.no Registration rules Registration is binding. By registering you accept our terms of cancellation. Registration right up to the start of the course, subject to availability. Terms of cancellation Written notice of cancellation must be sent to kundeservice@qualitynorway.no Any cancellation after the booking deadline will be subject to a 30 % cancellation fee. No refund will be made for cancellation within 7 days until the start of the conference. Unfortunately, sick leave does not provide a basis for refund. Contact your insurance company regarding this. Rights The purchasing of this event is personal and is associated with the registered party.